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The Clean Village initiative is one which has grown over the years, from simply beautifying the environment to taking an active role in – and building partnerships with – the community of Kensington.

It goes without saying that the statistics and research bear out the fact that cleaning up refuse, repairing damaged roads, sidewalks and removing graffiti have a positive impact on crime, neighbourhood economies and the general well-being of communities. It is with this in mind that the Clean Village initiative chooses their projects in the suburb.

One of the driving forces behind Clean Village is to create employment opportunities for members of Kensington, the largest suburb in Johannesburg. Currently there are four full time employees who are fully funded through Clean Village and who contribute back to the community who fund them through the work projects engaged by Clean Village.

Clean Village works in the main thoroughfares of Kensington and tries to identify areas to focus on which are most in need of cleaning.

We encourage community members to highlight areas that require attention and we love to receive input and interaction through our social media pages and community meetings.

Clean Village has built strong ties with the neighbourhood including corporates such as Pikitup who assist with clean up initiatives, and Edge Marketing who kindly sponsor a vehicle and driver for Clean Village.

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Part of the remit for Clean Village is to provide employment for residents from the area. Those that join the Clean Village team undergo training in various skills and work to improve the conditions for all of us living in the area. Many of those that pass through our little family learn skills that enable them to go on to greater things, and Clean Village is proud to play a part in their journey.  




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